Construcción de una vivienda aislada en Denia

The challenge

In this case, we joined the project as a construction company. We took a project in the definition phase that we had to implement. At this point, it is not only a question of building or execute a work. It requires a high capacity of reaction, decision-making, and short-term contingency resolution. To the existing constraints, we had to add the fact that we had to manage everything remotely, due to the extraordinary situation of the pandemic.

The solution

The Ágata Construction team took charge of the construction of the building, supported by the architecture and technical team of the company. All together made it possible to solve the unforeseen events that arose during the execution of the work. We provided the design solutions that the customer required.

We met the technical requirements, the deadlines and not exceeded the initial budget.


The outstanding milestones of the work were to meet the expected deadlines and to achieve a solution to all the client’s requirements. In addition to carrying out the design demands that the project required.