Altair Project

Construcción de una vivienda aislada en Denia The challenge In this case, we joined the project as a construction company. We took a project in the definition phase that we had to implement. At this point, it is not only a question of building or execute a work. It requires a high capacity of reaction, … Leer más


The challenge This case was one of our first integrated management projects. We found a plot where doubts arose as to the limitations of the perimeter. We had to sort it out in the previous phase. Our challenge was to formalize a complete team that would adapt to the requirements of each … Leer más


Full villa rehabilitation. The challenge The goal of this project was to recondition a home modifying the interior distribution, and fitting out the outside space that lacked maintenance and conditions to be used. The constraints were an existing house with limitations of comfort and neglected outdoor space. There was a deteriorated pool and a wooded … Leer más