The challenge

This case was one of our first integrated management projects. We found a plot where doubts arose as to the limitations of the perimeter. We had to sort it out in the previous phase. Our challenge was to formalize a complete team that would adapt to the requirements of each part of the project.


The highlights of the work were adapting the program with the necessary modifications for the customer. These emerged during the construction phase. The family grew up and, that forced us to review the program.

In addition, we set up a space on the semi-basement floor for the kids that connects the home with the outer space.

The solution

The Ágata Estudio team conducted the project’s direction and execution from start to end. We fully respected the initial design requirements established by the customer. We worked with him during all the processes to adapt the project to new emerging needs. The result was a unique home, which met the customer’s expectations and the team’s premises.